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good for nature

good for small farmers

good for YOUR skin

Our textiles are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, which is planted by small Indian farmers. Just like growing organic vegetables, no pesticides are used on organic cotton fields. Natural fertilizers have less impact on the soil and groundwater.


Organic cotton farmers don’t come into contact with harmful chemicals… and neither does your skin when you wear our t-shirts!


Our partner company FREESET

Our Indian partner company FREESET in Kolkata, which produces our shirts and bags, pays above-average wages and is certified by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). The approximately 200 jobs in the sewing shop provide a dignified income for women in a neighborhood characterized by deep poverty and forced prostitution.

The women experience – often for the first time in their lives – appreciation, educational opportunities, and medical and psychological care. Within the sewing workshop, they also have childcare and receive support with practical legal and financial challenges.

FREESET is also involved in the neighborhood through an open café for women who are still involved in (mostly poverty) prostitution. Through social work and educational opportunities, the neighborhood is being transformed step by step.

Freeset Näherinnen I made your clothes
„I made your clothes“


The motto of MADE IN FREEDOM is „Textile Trade against Human Trafficking“. Because we have the goal to set a sign against human exploitation in forced labor and sex slavery. We want to achieve that FREESET creates more fairly paid jobs and that women experience appreciation and freedom. Because so far, unfortunately, the reality looks like this:

  • Human traffickers often lure young girls with false promises from the rural areas of India, Nepal and Bangladesh to the big cities. Instead of the hoped-for jobs in hotels or restaurants, they are forced into prostitution.
  • Over 10,000 women are trapped in prostitution in Kolkata, India alone.
  • Without a fairly paid, dignified job, 80% of women end up back in prostitution even after liberation.

Jobs in a Freedom Business like Freeset allow women to earn an income with freedom and dignity. Every order helps us support our partners in India and create more life-changing jobs.

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